Connie Freestyle Recording Artist. Best known for her 1985 club smash “Funky Little Beat,” recording artist Connie was among the first artists to come out of Latin freestyle — a style of dance-pop that incorporates Latin elements. The South Florida native’s smash hit “Funky Little Beat” is regarded as one of the most important Latin freestyle singles of its time. Connie set the stage for many up and coming artists to follow her footsteps in the freestyle music genre that originated in South Florida in the 80’s.


Call 911 * Get Up *Don’t want You To Go * the Night Is Still Young * Must Be The Beat * No One * Rock This Party * Romance * Don’t Be Jealous * A Boy And A Girl. Album available on

digitally remastered originals from the debut Connie album on
2006: LET’S PARTY  (Estilo Reggaeton)
Oye Papa w Bombero w Let’s Party w Feels Right w La Bamba  w Por Aqui Por Aya w Let’s Party Remix
2002: THE BEST OF CONNIE producer, Amos Larkins II
Power of Love w Spinning  w Feel the Beat wHow Can We Be Wrong w  w All Night w When I Hear Music w Your Eyes w Look Out Weekend  w Funky Little Beat 2.0 – (Club mix, with The Joker/TRIF)  w Funky Little Beat 2.0 – (Radio mix, with The Joker/TRIF)
1995: NO TEARS 
No Tears w Dream On w Together Forever  w La La (Means I Love You)  w I Like It (Street Mix) w Round And Round  w  I’ll Be Comin’ Back w Burning Desire w I Like It w No Tears (Hip House Mix)
1986: CONNIE executive producer, Henry Stone
Experience w Your Eyes w Fire In My Heart w Funky Little Beat w I’m In Love With You w Rock Me

1993: Funky Little Beat / Get Down Tonight (12″)
1989: Rockin, Rollin Weekend (12″)
1988: Tonight’s The Night (12″)
1987: Get Down Tonight (12″)
1986: Rock Me/ I Can’t Stop (12′)
1986: I Can’t Stop (12″)
1986: Experience/  Funky Little Beat (12″, Maxi)
1986: Experience (12″)
1986: Funky Little Beat (12″)