is sure to be a hit. This dance single has that contemporary beat that will reach the younger audience but maintains freestyle roots that her fans will continue to love. (Producers: Orencio Perez, Connie Martinez and John Amato). Available on Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora.

Call 911 * Get Up *Don’t want You To Go * the Night Is Still Young * Must Be The Beat * No One * Rock This Party * Romance * Don’t Be Jealous * A Boy And A Girl. Album available on Amazon.com

digitally remastered originals from the debut Connie album on Amazon.com
 2006: LET’S PARTY  (Estilo Reggaeton)
Oye Papa w Bombero w Let’s Party w Feels Right w La Bamba  w Por Aqui Por Aya w Let’s Party Remix
2002: THE BEST OF CONNIE producer, Amos Larkins II
Power of Love w Spinning  w Feel the Beat wHow Can We Be Wrong w  w All Night w When I Hear Music w Your Eyes w Look Out Weekend  w Funky Little Beat 2.0 – (Club mix, with The Joker/TRIF)  w Funky Little Beat 2.0 – (Radio mix, with The Joker/TRIF)
1995: NO TEARS 
No Tears w Dream On w Together Forever  w La La (Means I Love You)  w I Like It (Street Mix) w Round And Round  w  I’ll Be Comin’ Back w Burning Desire w I Like It w No Tears (Hip House Mix)
1986: CONNIE executive producer, Henry Stone
Experience w Your Eyes w Fire In My Heart w Funky Little Beat w I’m In Love With You w Rock Me

1993: Funky Little Beat / Get Down Tonight (12″)
1989: Rockin, Rollin Weekend (12″)
1988: Tonight’s The Night (12″)
1987: Get Down Tonight (12″)
1986: Rock Me/ I Can’t Stop (12′)
1986: I Can’t Stop (12″)
1986: Experience/  Funky Little Beat (12″, Maxi)
1986: Experience (12″)
1986: Funky Little Beat (12″) 
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