The South Florida native, who aspired to perform since childhood, Connie realized her dreams after a friend  introduced her to the legendary music producer, Henry Stone. Stone, best known as the co-owner and president of TK Records with a career spanning R&B in the early 1950s through the disco boom of the 1970s to the present day, would go on to become the executive producer of Connie’s debut single “Funky Little Beat”, catapulting the young singer onto the international music scene.

In 1986, while under the Sunnyview Record label, Connie released her second single “Experience“, which along with Funky Little Beat“, “Your Eyes”, “I Can’t Stop”, “Fire In My Heart”, “Laughter In The Rain”, “I’m In Love With You”, and “Rock Me”, provided her self-title debut album CONNIE.

The following six years Connie toured the globe, performing with music legends Kool & The Gang, Evelyn Champagne King, Morris Day and fellow Freestyle peers. In the early 90’s Connie took a step back from the music scene to get married. Before the birth of her daughter in 1996, Connie recorded her second full-length album, NO TEARS, released under the Black Olive Record label.

In 2002 Thump Records released THE BEST OF CONNIE. Containing three versions of Funky Little Beat ( the original and two club-style remix), the BEST OF CD also featured Connie’s original version of Rock Me, Experience, and Your Eyes, plus the newly recorded cover tracks Look Out WeekendHow Can We Be Wrong, and When I Hear Music, which had been made popular a decade earlier by fellow “freestylers”.

By the mid 1990’s the self-proclaimed “FOREVER FUNKY” one itched to get back into the studio and with a new production team, Black House Productions; Connie released LET’S PARTY in 2006. Revealing a fierce Latin twist and new “funky beat style” LET’s PARTY is an English/Spanish crossover with a Reggaeton, Cumbia, Merengue, and R&B beat. That year also saw the release of the MP3 download compilation THE BEST OF (FUNKY LITTLE BEAT)  featuring digitally remastered original songs on

Funky Little Beat, regarded as one of the defining songs of the freestyle era, still holds its own today. While Connie’s other popular hit – ROCK ME – reaches a new younger audience as the soundtrack to the  NIKE commercial filmed at the Berrics.

Connie has reunited with producer Amos Larkins and the two have emerged with the brand new album, AMOS LARKINS PRESENTS CONNIE PARTY TIME 1. Connie continues touring with fellow freestyle artists such as Stevie B, Lisa Lisa, Shannon, Taylor Dayne, and rapper Vanilla Ice.



Connie remains “FOREVER FUNKY” and continues recording, touring and inspiring future generations.

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